Willie Riley

List of books in chronological order of publication

Book Title   Published Out of Print Publisher Illustrated Version
1. Windyridge.Novel19121961Herbert JenkinsYes8 photos
  2010 - Jeremy Mills Yes10 photos
 with long introduction by D.M. Copeland
2. Netherleigh Novel19151950Herbert JenkinsYes8 photos
3. Way of the Winepress Novel19161949Herbert JenkinsYes8 photos
4. Number Seven Brick Row Novel1918?Herbert JenkinsYes4 plates
5. Olive of Sylcote Novel1918?Herbert JenkinsYes8 photos
6. Through a Yorkshire WindowNovel19191940Herbert JenkinsOnly16 photos
 later illustrated edition8 photos
7. Jerry and Ben Novel19191949Herbert JenkinsYes6 photos
8. A Yorkshire Suburb Novel19201942Herbert JenkinsOnly8 plates
 later illustrated edition4 plates
9. The Lady of the LawnNovel19201941Herbert JenkinsYes 8 photos
10. Men of MawmNovel19211942Herbert JenkinsYes8 photos
11. Rachael Bland's InheritanceNovel19221942Herbert JenkinsYes 8 photos
12. The Garden of DelightNovel19231941Herbert JenkinsYes8 photos
13. Laycock of LonedaleNovel19241949Herbert JenkinsNo
14. Peter PettingerNovel19251950Herbert JenkinsNo
15. A Village in Craven Novel19251943Herbert JenkinsOnly12 plates
16. Children of the OutcastNovel19261940Herbert JenkinsNo
17. A Late Harvest/The Lord's Poor BrotherPlays1927?Herbert JenkinsNo
18. Windyridge RevisitedNovel19281949Herbert JenkinsNo
19. Witch HazelNovel19281949Herbert JenkinsNo
20. Doctor DickNovel19291950Herbert JenkinsNo
21. Squire GoodallNovel19301948Herbert JenkinsNo
22. Kit of Kit's FollyNovel19311942Herbert JenkinsNo
23. The Silver DaleTopography19321942Herbert JenkinsOnly16 photos
 later illustrated edition. 8 photos
24. Old ObbuttNovel19331942Herbert JenkinsNo
25. Yorkshire Pennines of the North WestTopography19341942Herbert JenkinsOnly23 photos
26. Jack and JohnNovel1935?Herbert JenkinsNo
27. The Man of AnathothReligious fiction19361951Herbert JenkinsNo
28. Old Asa and other StoriesShort stories1936?Epworth PressOnly 1 plate
29. The Sixpenny ManNovel19371949Herbert JenkinsNo
30. Gold ChainsNovel19381950Herbert JenkinsNo
31. The Valley of BacaNovel1939?Herbert JenkinsNo
32. The Voice in the GardenNovel19401943Herbert JenkinsNo
33. Common ClayNovel19411950Herbert JenkinsNo
34. Grapes from ThornsNovel19431950Herbert JenkinsNo
35. A Stick for GodNovel1946?Herbert JenkinsNo
36. Services of SongChurch services1954?Epworth PressNo
37. Sunset ReflectionsAutobiography1957?Herbert JenkinsNo
38. In the Silver Dale (abridged version of 23)1958?DalesmanOnly11 photos
39. The Man and the MountainNovel1961?Herbert JenkinsNo
Willie Riley at gate of Yew Tree House

Titles 1-5, 7 and 9-12 were all initially published without illustrations. Later, an illustrated edition was also published.
Titles 6, 8, 15, 23, 25, 28 and 38 were only ever published with illustrations.
Titles 6, 8 and 23 (illustrated) editions were later reprinted with only half the original number of illustrations.

Riley kept royalty records for the books published by Jenkins, from which the 'out of print' information has been derived. This record ceased in 1952, hence for those books that were still in print in 1952 and beyond there is no 'out of print' information available.

Riley wrote in his royalty records book that 'enemy action' caused the abrupt deletion of several of his titles during World War Two. After the war ended, Jenkins soon ceased to reset and reprint Riley's remaining titles, due to the rapid rise in costs.
13 books went out of print during the war.
14 books went out of print 1948-1951.

In addition to these books, Riley wrote many articles and short stories, lectures, and some poetry. He also wrote a few introductions to the books of other writers, and a few plays. In his role as Methodist local preacher, he also delivered many sermons.